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About Membership

Why become a member of DuraSpace?

Your membership dollars support DuraSpace's effort to advance the design, development and sustainability of the DSpace, Fedora and VIVO projects.  We are the non-profit, providing technical leadership, sustainability planning, fundraising, community development, marketing and communications, collaborations and strategic partnerships and administration.

It is only through the support and collaboration of our members that we can continue to advance the DSpace, Fedora and VIVO projects to meet the evolving needs of our community. With a combined installed user base of more than 2,000, your financial support and engagement is critical to keep our open source projects strong. As a DuraSpace member you become a partner in project governance* with a voice in ensuring that DuraSpace projects continue to serve the global communities that depend on them into the future. Your membership dollars can be directed specifically to any of projects or to our general fund.  Join us in this critical mission by becoming a DuraSpace member. 

Membership Benefits

Bronze membership

BRONZE $2,500**

  • Organizations will receive advanced news of project announcements and activities 
  • Project Member logo for member use 
  • Institution name and link on the DuraSpace and Project web sites
  • Eligible to vote on an at-large Member representative to the DuraSpace board
  • Annual membership summit / strategic forum for DuraSpace projects; presentations and networking with leaders from prominent institutions and community projects

Silver membership

SILVER $5,000


All the above benefits, plus:

  • Institution name, logo and link on the DuraSpace and Project web sites
  • 10% discount to new members on first year of either DSpaceDirect or DuraCloud for 1st year of membership
  • Discounted registration at project training events

Gold membership

GOLD $10,000


All the above benefits, plus:

  • Preferred access (advance registration) to DuraSpace professional development opportunities and annual DuraSpace Summit
  • Two seats at the annual membership summit / strategic forum for DuraSpace projects 
  • Eligible to play a role in project governance, as defined by each project’s governance policy

Platinum membership

PLATINUM $20,000 or more

  All the above benefits, plus:
  • Eligible for one seat on Project Leadership Group***
* Each project has defined governance policies and benefits related to membership levels. Please see links below.
** Bronze Membership discount available to institutions from developing countries.
***To be eligible for a seat on a Project Leadership Group the full $20,000 membership must be directed to that project

Other Membership Benefits

To view project specific benefits, please visit the governance pages for DSpace, Fedora and VIVO.


How to become a DuraSpace member

It's simple to become a member at one of four different levels that aligns with your strategic participation with DuraSpace projects. See our Become a member page!


Membership Brochure

To download or print a copy of the membership brochure, including the information above, click here.



To speak with someone about membership, please email Valorie Hollister at