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DSpace Repositories in January 2012 CSIC "Top Institutional Repositories Ranking"

Ithaca, NY @tmire has published an analysis of the recent CSIC Cybermetrics Lab (Spain) Top Institutional Repositories Ranking on @mire's just-released, redesigned web site ( Author Bram Luyten, Head of Sales and Marketing, @mire, points out that ongoing changes to the ranking algorithm and internal search engine algorithms can cause changes in a repository's rank from one edition of the report to the next.

The top five DSpace January 2012 climbers overall are:

+450    Youngstown State University Repository
+409    Kagoshima University Repository
+381    DSpace at Mote Marine Laboratory
+369    Radboud University Repository
+323    University of Tokyo Repository

Read the analysis here:

Read the Ranking of World Repositories here:

Submitted by Carol Minton Morris on Wed, 2012-02-29 11:32