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DURASPACE WEB SEMINAR Sept 8: DSpace 1.6 Usage Statistics: How Does it Work?

Ithaca, NY Join Ben Bosman, CTO @mire for a free one-hour web seminar on September 8, 2010 at 11:00 EDT. He will explain how @mire’s open-source version of the “Content and Usage Analysis” DSpace module  released with DSpace 1.6 can work for you. The DSpace 1.6 statistics solution offers logging of usage data including bitstream downloads, item display page visits, and collection and community homepage visits.
To register for this event, use the following link:
Technical Overview
This presentation will dive into the implementation details of this new statistics solution by outlining the following topics:

  • the storage of the statistics data;
  • various potential usage scenarios of the different statistics;
  • some of the opportunities for improving the statistics in future DSpace releases or customizing local requirements.

The statistics contribution present in DSpace 1.6 is generic by default and includes configuration options to determine whether the usage data is displayed in the user interface, and whether the statistics are available for all users or only for administrators. The default display only offers a limited view on the real data being stored. In order to extend this, it is important to understand how the statistics are being stored and what data is available.
The standard solution is configured by default to be lightweight and easily installable. If your DSpace installation has a large amount of visitors, this default configuration might not be ideal for your installation. To address this situation, a number of simple and more advanced solutions for performance optimization will be discussed.

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