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Invited Papers from OR09 Published in The Journal of Digital Information (JoDI)

From Scott Phillips, Managing Editor, Journal of Digital Information
The Journal of Digital Information has just published its first issue of 2010 (volume 11, number 1)  at This issue, edited by John Howard, is a Special Issue with papers invited from Open Repositories 2009 conference in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
The following papers are included in this issue:
Journal of Digital Information
Volume 11, number 1 -  March 2010
Towards an Open Repository Environment
by Andreas Aschenbrenner, Tobias Blanke, Marc W. Kuster
Policy-based Distributed Data Management Systems
by Arcot Rajasekar, Reagan Moore, Mike Wan, Wayne Schroeder
Restoring Trust Relationships within the Framework of Collaborative Digital
Preservation Federations

by Robert H. McDonald, Tyler O. Walters
Self-Assessment of a Long-Term Archive for Interdisciplinary Scientific
Data as a Trustworthy Digital Repository

by Robert R. Downs, Robert S. Chen
AgEcon Search: A case study on the differences between operating a subject
repository and an institutional repository

by Julia Kelly, Louise Letnes
Adding OAI -ORE Support to Repository Platforms
by Alexey Maslov, James Creel, Adam Mikeal, Scott Phillips, John Leggett,
Mark McFarland
Author Identifiers in Scholarly Repositories
by Simeon Warner
Authoring, Editing and Visualizing Compound Objects for Literary

by Anna Gerber, Jane Hunter

ICE-Theorem - End to end semantically aware eResearch infrastructure for

by Peter Sefton, Jim Downing

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