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Now Available: Akubra 0.3

Ithaca, NY Chris Wilper, DuraSpace Technical Lead and Developer is pleased to announce the release of Akubra 0.3.
Akubra is a Java API that provides read/write access to URI-addressable files.  It is currently used by the Fedora Commons Repository software to provide an adaptable, file-oriented low level storage layer, but it is not Fedora-specific. Akubra achieves a high level of interoperability between storage systems by making simplifying assumptions:
In Akubra:
• a Blob is a finite-length bitstream with an id (a URI)
• a BlobStore is primarily concerned with providing read/write access to blobs.
This release has no core API changes, but several important improvements:
• The core Akubra jars are now available in Maven Central; using Akubra in a maven project no longer requires special repository configuration.
• All jars are now compiled for Java 6 (Java 5 has reached its End of Service Life)
• All jars now include OSGi metadata
• Logging is now done via SLF4J (was commons-logging)
• The JTA dependency is now to version 1.1 (was previously 1.0.1B)
Akubra is an open source project (licensed under Apache 2) and depends on community feedback and participation.  If you have any questions/comments about Akubra or are working on a custom implementation, we’d love to hear from you.  Please join one of the project mailing lists:
General questions, release announcements, etc:
Discussion about the development of the Akubra API and implementations:

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 2010-03-15 11:24