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DSpace 1.6 Testathon Starts Monday Dec 7

Starting this coming Monday, December 7, we begin the DSpace 1.6 Testathon, code-named the “Big Bug Hunt”. Several members of the
DSpace community will host public instances of 1.6 for you to sign onto and put 1.6 through its paces. If you would prefer, you are also welcome
to download the beta of 1.6 to install locally, or to test an upgrade of your version 1.5.x test or development system.
Everyone is encouraged to join us on the “Big Bug Hunt.”  As a benefit, you will get a preview of all the great new 1.6 features (batch metadata
editing, embargo, improved statistics and much more), while also doing your part to help root out as many problems as possible before the
official release. We need everyone to join in and push 1.6 to its limits, as there are so many new features that require user exploration
and lots of old features that have been improved.
The DSpace 1.6 Documentation has also been through a major revision. Everyone is asked to join in the documentation review to make sure that it not only supports the new features in 1.6, but also improves the guidance on DSpace overall.
More information on the DSpace 1.6 Testathon, the “Big Bug Hunt”, and how you can help report issues can be found here:
So, if you can find some time early next week, please help us make DSpace 1.6 one of the best releases yet!
Thanks in advance for your help!
Tim Donohue
Technical Lead for DSpace

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 2009-12-02 11:16