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Repositories in the Cloud: How to Participate in the DuraCloud Pilot Program

Ithaca, NY, Boston, MA Join Michele Kimpton, CBO, DuraSpace for an “All About Repositories” web seminiar on December 16, 2009, and find out how your organization can participate in a pilot program that will test a new cloud-based service, “DuraCloud.” Please register for the free web seminar here.
Cloud technologies use remote computers to provide local services through the Internet. DuraCloud is a hosted service and open technology, which allows organizations and end users to effectively utilize public cloud services without having to maintain dedicated technical infrastructure.  The DuraCloud platform builds upon existing cloud infrastructure for the purpose of increasing durability and re-use of digital content.
DuraCloud leaves the basics of pure storage to those who do it best–storage providers– and overlays storage solutions with additional functionality that is essential to ensuring long-term access and ease of use. The service provides baseline functionality that begins with the ability to replicate and distribute content across multiple cloud providers. DuraCloud adds value over and above storage by enabling the deployment of services to support access, preservation, re-use, and sharing of content stored in the cloud.
To access information and presentations about DuraCloud please visit:

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