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Fedora Repository Project Update: New Communication Components

By Chris Wilper, Technical Lead and Developer, DuraSpace Fedora Commons hosted a very successful Developer Open House at OR09 earlier this summer. Thanks to all who attended and participated. Through this formal session and in on-the-fly hallway discussions we got some great ideas on how to improve developer participation. As the developer-community around Fedora and DuraSpace continues to grow and evolve, it makes even more sense to create communications channels that enable broad involvement.
I’d like to share changes in this direction that have taken place since then, and what we’re planning for the future.
• Fedora committer meetings are now recorded and open for anyone to attend. At these weekly meetings we discuss what the developers have been working on and any new items that have been submitted to our issue tracker (read: JIRA gardening). Once a month, we also hold a Special Topic meeting where we discuss a particular area of interest to the Fedora development community. Topics covered to date include workflow and large datastreams. If you have an idea for a future Special Topic meeting or would like to find out more, see In addition to the teleconference, we’ve also begun to use a combined IRC channel, #duraspace on, to support both DSpace and Fedora meetings.
• The new community-driven Fedora Roadmap has been published and is automatically updated through the issue tracker.  This means it will never go stale, but more importantly, it is the most accurate reflection we have of the true priorities of the community.  See
Coming soon:
• A new community/contribution area in subversion, enabling direct software contributions, sharing, and collaboration.
• A “Software Garage Sale.”  All of those custom tools and patches you have in the shed… let’s bring them out.
• An improved guide on contributing code and becoming the Fedora Repository Project committer.
• Community Roles: Release Manager, JIRA Gardener, Documentation Lead.
• New web-based forums for announcements, support, and development discussion.

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 2009-07-24 16:12