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Open Repositories Conference 2008 to Highlight Fedora Community

Ithaca, NY Over thirty Fedora Commons speakers will present their work in main conference sessions and during “Fedora Day” at the upcoming Open Repositories Conference 2008 to be held in Southampton, UK April 1-4 2008. The Fedora Day Program Committee chaired by Richard Green, Manager, RIDIR, REMAP and RepoMMan Projects, e-SIG, Academic Services, University of Hull, has selected presentations focused on case studies, preservation and management, architecture, datasets.
Sandy Payette, Executive Director Fedora Commons will offer an introduction and welcome to Fedora Day at OR08 on April 3. She will be joined by Eddie Shin, Senior Software Developer Fedora Commons in presenting an overview of technical progress.

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 2008-02-27 14:54