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Fedora Commons at JA-SIG 2008

Ithaca, NY The 17th Annual JA (Java Architectures)-SIG Conference will focus on “Higher Education solutions: The Community Source Way” with CAS, DSpace, Fedora Commons, Fluid, Kuali, Internet2, Sakai, and uPortal jointly planning the program. The conference will be held in Saint Paul, Minnesota April 27-30, 2008. Fedora Commons board member and Executive Director of the Core Integration group of the National Science Digital LibraryNSDL Annotation (NSDL) Dr. Kaye Howe will be a conference keynote speaker.
Chris Wilper, Lead Software Developer, Fedora Commons and Dan Davis, Cheif Architect, Fedora Commons will offer a half day seminar entitled, “Introduction to the Fedora Repository” on April 27. The seminar will provide an overview of the Fedora Repository include the fundamentals of its digital object model, service interfaces and components. Demonstrations will include how to install and configure a repository providing insight on deployment options including security and the XACML policy engine. Attendees will learn how to create customized digital objects and disseminations plus how to create relations between digital objects using RDF and find out how optional semantic triplestores operate—Mulgara and MPT Store. Finally, Wilper and Davis will introduce Fedora’s Content Model Architecture which is new to Version 3.0 and provides much simpler approach to deploying customized functionality in Fedora.

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