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DuraSpace 2015 DSpace, Fedora and VIVO Open Source Project Leadership Groups

Winchester, MA  The Leadership Groups for DSpace, Fedora and VIVO are now in place for 2015. Each Leadership Group plays a key role in setting the strategic direction and priorities for their project through:
  • Establishment of the community direction
  • Approval of the annual budget allocation
  • Approval of the project roadmap
To see a list of individuals on the Leadership Groups please follow the links below:
The formation of the Leadership Groups is a part of the new governance model for all DuraSpace projects. The model is representative and community-based and includes several governing groups with various levels of responsibility. Eligibility to serve in project governance is determined by participation in the DuraSpace Membership Program, incrementally enabling member organizations who have made the greatest commitments (financial or in-kind staff commitments) to the project. The Leadership Group is comprised of individuals from organizations that have contributed at that highest membership levels and/or from institutions contributing in-kind resources at approved levels. There are also elected representatives from the lower membership levels. 
For more information about the new governing groups, please visit the respective governance pages for DSpace, Fedora and VIVO.

Submitted by vhollister on Wed, 2015-01-14 10:33