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DuraSpace Services Webinar Recordings Available

This month DuraSpace presented a two-part webinar series entitled “2015 Accomplishments and A Sneak Peek at What Lies Ahead" highlighting the recent developments in the suite of DuraSpace services: DSpaceDirect, ArchivesDirect, DuraCloud, and soon-to-be released, DuraCloud Vault. The first webinar -- presented November 9th by Carissa Smith, Cloud Services Manager -- focused on "The 'Direct' Services - DSpaceDirect and ArchivesDirect". The session reviewed the highlights of 2015, including the launch of ArchivesDirect, the hosted service for creating standards-based digital preservation content packages archived in secure long-term storage, and the increase in use of DSpaceDirect, the hosted repository solution for low-cost discovery, access, archiving, and preservation. The presentation delved into the features of each service, and also discussed the discounted pricing available for both services.

The second webinar, “The 'Cloud' Services - DuraCloud and DuraCloud Vault" took place on Monday, November 16th.   This webinar detailed the new features available in DuraCloud, discussed what's on the roadmap in early 2016, and gave a preview of the DuraCloud Vault interface, a new service available to Digital Preservation Network (DPN) members. A discussion of the difference between the two services was also conducted. 

The presentation slides and recording are available at


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