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Digital Preservation Planning: An NDSR Boston Project Update featuring DuraCloud and ArchivesDirect

From The Signal: Digital Preservation Blog from Library of Congress

Jeffrey Erickson, National Digital Stewardship Resident at the University Archives and Special Collections at UMass Boston is currently participating in the NDSR-Boston cohort. His project involves developing a digital preservation plan for the digital objects of the UASC project called the “Mass. Memories Road Show (MMRS)”. Because the UASC operates with limited IT support, hosted technical systems and services are used wherever possible. Therefore, this project is testing the use of ArchivesDirect, a hosted digital preservation solution that combines the Archivematica digital preservation workflow tool and the DuraCloud storage service.

The project is divided into three phases:

  1. Research and Practice
  • Research digital preservation concepts, good practices, tools and services
  • Assess the digital stewardship landscape at UMass Boston
  • Examine digitization practices and the digital asset management systems employed by the University Archives and Special Collections
  1. Review and Testing

During the Review and Testing phase collaborations with Archives staff, Library leadership and University stakeholders will enable Jeffery to:

  • Further develop/refine workflows which prepare UASC for continuing digitization projects
  • Develop policies and procedures to implement long-term preservation of holdings using cloud-based storage services
  • Review and test new policies and procedures
  1. Implementation and Final Reporting
    • Apply the new digital preservation policies and procedures to the MMRS digital objects
    • Perform digital preservation tasks
      • Assign technical and preservation metadata
      • Generate and verify fixity information to ensure data integrity
      • Create Archival Information Packages (AIPs), upload them to DuraCloud service
      • Other tasks as necessary
    • Prepare a final report documenting the project, the procedures and my recommendations

More about Jeffrey's wonderful work with the University Archives and Special Collections at UMass Boston can be read on the Library of Congress web site here.

Submitted by csmith on Mon, 2016-01-25 11:47