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ANNOUNCING the DSpace 6.0 Testathon, April 25 through May 6

From Tim Donohue, DSpace Tech Lead, on behalf of the DSpace Committers

I'm pleased to announce that the DSpace 6.0 codebase is now ready for Testathon! We will be holding a two-week 6.0 Testathon extending from Monday, April 25 through Friday, May 6.

Please help ensure the success of DSpace 6.0 by helping us to test it during the 6.0 Testathon that will be held April 25 through May 6. 

During this two-week Testathon, we ask that you please take some time to help us test out DSpace 6 by visiting and looking for any issues, bugs, or general oddities. Look for the blue "Provide Feedback" button to quickly and easily report issues from this demo site. 

We also will make a 6.0 "Release Candidate 1" (6.0-RC1) release available for download for anyone who wants to help test the upgrade or installation processes. This RC1 downloadable release will be announced just prior to Testathon.

From Tim Donohue (on behalf of the Committers)As an additional testing option, you may choose to test 6.0 via the latest Vagrant-DSpace ( Vagrant-DSpace will auto-install DSpace 6 on a local Virtual Machine (VM) for you to perform quick and easy testing in a local environment.

Additional information on Testathon is being gathered at:

DSpace 6 features/changes to look for!

DSpace 6 constitutes a massive overhaul of the underlying codebase behind DSpace. It's a big step forward for our software platform, which will help us more easily achieve our future RoadMap[1] goals.

As such, DSpace 6 contains a mixture of user facing features, systems administration features, and backend API enhancements. Here's a brief list of the major changes and features coming in 6:

    Additional minor 6.0 changes are noted here:

    Invitation for Translators!

    For those who like to help us translate our software into other languages, the DSpace 6.0 codebase is in a stable enough state that translations can be started. For more information on submitting translations, please see

    Thanks!  We'll be sending out a reminder email next week with links to further resources, test plans, etc.


    [1] DSpace RoadMap:


    Submitted by Carol Minton Morris on Mon, 2016-04-18 11:44