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For Your Weekend Repository Browsing Pleasure: “eCommons and Cornell University Library Digital Collections”

Ithaca, NY Cornell University Library provides many services and resources to inspire excellence in scholarship for the Cornell community and beyond. A series of repositories and services known as eCommons@Cornell (, powered by DSpace, provide “long-term access to a broad range of Cornell-related digital content of enduring value.”
I found the eCommons Multimedia and Videos Collection ( to be a good place to find visually interesting and informative resources such as “Atoms in the Surf” from the American Physical Society Fluid Dynamics Videos. This beautiful visualization varies size and scale to tell the story of millions of atoms as very small, rolling waves in motion.
eCommons and 54 other collections and repositories are highlighted in the Cornell University Library Registry of Digital Collections ( Many notable image and text-based collections are well worth a visit. From examples of ornithological painter Louis Agassiz Fuertes’ work (, to outstanding East Asian collections, Historical Mathematics Monographs (, and the Kinematic Models for Design Digital Library ( that began with Cornell University’s Reuleaux Model Collection that were built in the late 19th century to demonstrate the elements of machine motion, CUL is an excellent weekend destination.