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Ithaca, NY Please join colleagues on July 20, 2010 from 9 AM-5 PM for a no-cost, one-day regional Fedora conference.
In a tough economy, it’s especially important to make sure we stay in touch with our local colleagues in the Fedora Commons community. This day-long conference in Massachusetts will give us an opportunity to hear from other Northeast Fedora users. More importantly, it will give us an opportunity to talk to each other and swap ideas and thoughts about the way we use Fedora Commons.

Submitted by Anonymous on 2010-03-23 13:12

Ithaca, NY LIBER, the Association of European Research Libraries ( was founded in 1971 under the auspices of the Council of Europe. Currently LIBER encompasses more than 400 national, university and other libraries in 45 countries.

Submitted by Anonymous on 2010-03-23 12:52

Ithaca, NY This year’s OR10 Conference will be held from July 6 through 9 at the at Palacio de Congresos in Madrid, Spain. As the dates get closer information, who’s who, and various posts-links-tweets-tags (use #OR10 for conference-related items) will be featured on the OR10 Crowdvine ( site. Organizers encourage all interested open repository community members to register, connect, share ideas and stay tuned for opportunities to participate.

Submitted by Anonymous on 2010-03-23 12:13

From Scott Phillips, Managing Editor, Journal of Digital Information
The Journal of Digital Information has just published its first issue of 2010 (volume 11, number 1)  at This issue, edited by John Howard, is a Special Issue with papers invited from Open Repositories 2009 conference in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
The following papers are included in this issue:
Journal of Digital Information
Volume 11, number 1 -  March 2010

Submitted by Anonymous on 2010-03-23 10:40

Ithaca, NY The mission of the Jewish Women’s Archive ( is, “to uncover, chronicle, and transmit to a broad public the rich history of American Jewish women.” The makers of this in-depth, delightful, and profound collection have developed an Encyclopedia (, educational materials, diverse exhibits, book and film guides, a look back at Jewish women’s lives, and a blog featuring colorful stories ( with links to

Submitted by Anonymous on 2010-03-19 17:18

About the Google Summer of Code from the GSoC web site: “GSoC is a global program that offers student developers stipends to write code for various open source software projects. Google has worked with several open source, free software, and technology-related groups to identify and fund several projects over a three month period.

Submitted by Anonymous on 2010-03-19 13:01

Ithaca, NY Chris Wilper, DuraSpace Technical Lead and Developer is pleased to announce the release of Akubra 0.3.
Akubra is a Java API that provides read/write access to URI-addressable files.  It is currently used by the Fedora Commons Repository software to provide an adaptable, file-oriented low level storage layer, but it is not Fedora-specific. Akubra achieves a high level of interoperability between storage systems by making simplifying assumptions:
In Akubra:

Submitted by Anonymous on 2010-03-15 11:24

Ithaca, NY The New Jersey Digital Highway (NJDH) offers visitors an “on ramp” to views of the Garden State in historical photographs, mysteries (, diners ( and much more. This highly collaborative web site is self-described as a “One stop shop for New Jersey history and culture, from the collections of NJ libraries, museums, archives and historical societies.”

Submitted by Anonymous on 2010-03-12 15:05

Ithaca, NY If you are new to the idea of what it will take to plan and implement a digital repository for your institution or organization the Digital Repositories infoKit produced by JISC infoNet will help you learn how to develop and run a digital repository. Basic information–general introduction, definition of a repository, drivers, management, and technology are all included in this well-written guide based on current institutional repository best practices.

Submitted by Anonymous on 2010-03-11 15:02

Ithaca NY Earlier this week in London Eduserv ( and JISC ( organized a free “Repositories in the Cloud” day-long event as a way to offer software developers, repository managers, service providers, and funding/advisory bodies a review of potential policy and technical issues associated with cloud computing and the delivery of repository services in UK Higher Educational Institutions. As Gaz J.

Submitted by Anonymous on 2010-02-25 14:23