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Ithaca, NY, Boston, MA Mulgara, a scalable RDF database written entirely in Java, version 2.1.4 can be downloaded from: This version now allows users to configure Mulgara to load up any XPathFunctionResolver class and use the functions it provides within SPARQL queries. By default, Mulgara is now including the EXSLT functions, along with several custom functions.
Several significant bugfixes have also been included:
• XML and JSON results are now correctly encoded with UTF-8.

Submitted by Anonymous on 2009-10-08 13:31

Washington, DC Please join Michele Kimpton, Chief Business Officer of DuraSpace, for a WebEx web seminar sponsored by the Library of Congress (LOC) NDIIPP on Sept. 30, 2009. She will present an overview of the DuraCloud platform, currently in development. Her presentation will include details about the current DuraCloud pilot program in progress with New York Public Library and Biodiversity Heritage Library.

Submitted by Anonymous on 2009-09-25 11:50

Ithaca, NY, Boston, MA If you been a part of establishing or maintaining a unique digital repository that provides open access to a collection, or showcasing your repository’s content  DuraSpace wants to hear your story. Please consider sharing your passion and knowledge of collecting, curating, managing and sharing digital repository resources by entering the DuraSpace/SPARC Open Access Week Contest and telling your short or long story:

Submitted by Anonymous on 2009-09-18 12:21

Ithaca, NY Paul Gearon, DuraSpace Technical Lead and Developer, has announced the release of Mulgara 2.1.3. Mulgara can be downloaded from:
Some of the major changes in this release:

Submitted by Anonymous on 2009-08-18 10:56

Chicago. Ill Paul Gearon, DuraSpace Technical Lead and Developer, is the technical guru behind the Mulgara project (now available in version 2.1.2), a DuraSpace- sponsored technology focused on providing highly scalable semantic technologies. His semantic Web experience extends from data storage to ontology modeling and rules systems. In a recent interview Gearon referred to a quote from Tim Berners Lee on the Semantic Web and his ideas around “linked and open data:”

Submitted by Anonymous on 2009-08-07 15:39

Visit Mulgara’s redesigned web site to download the latest version of the popular scalable RDF database written entirely in Java. The release of Mulgara version 2.0.7
may be downloaded at:
Features to note in this release are:
- Updates to the Web user interface. See
- A new Command Line interface.
- New relative and parameterized graph URIs.

Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-12-08 17:29

Chicago, Ill The latest release of Mulgara version 2.0.6, a scalable RDF database written entirely in Java, is now available. Mulgara may be downloaded at:
Notable new features in this release include:
- A servlet providing a SPARQL Protocol endpoint.
- SPARQL support in the Web User Interface.

Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-10-17 10:26

This update release addresses an issue that appeared in 2.0.4 when building from source on Windows. A new default configuration file for mulgara-core is included allowing it to start a basic server without any manual configuration.

  • Removed a symlink that documented javacc as version 4.0. A poorly written task was trying to pick up this link as a real file, which doesn’t work on Windows.
  • Fixed the namespace map in the RDF/XML writer so it can’t accidentally use a generated URI in an export.


Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-09-08 10:14

San Francisco, CA The Topaz Project hosted developers from Mulgara, Fedora Commons, and Topaz on March 5-6, 2008 for a series of design meetings and discussions based on Mulgara’s XA2 Storage Layer.

Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-03-12 17:18